Based in north Nottinghamshire, ListerBell was founded in 2010 by Craig White, primarily to build a modern replica / silhouette of the iconic Lancia Stratos rally car.

Craig has been involved with the sports car industry since 1989 and has a wide range of experience in specialist car construction, chassis development, fabrication and composites. Having worked with some of the biggest names in the industry including Ultima Sports Cars Ltd, Seven inspired replicas, Cobras, T70's, Stratos replicas and finally Stealth racing cars.

At ListerBell we have both drawn on our own experience and listened carefully to many kit car builders about the headaches experienced when assembling their projects. With the STR, we have addressed these issues during the manufacturing stage, making the car far easier to put together for the novice builder.

As well as producing the STR we can also offer a range of services to kit builders across the industry including a kit build up service, chassis / suspension design, a GRP moulding and production service.

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Every effort has been made to replicate the original Stratos body to the point where it accepts all the original catches, lights and fittings to ensure it satisfies the most critical of enthusiasts.

STR by Lister Bell

The chassis and suspension have been CAD designed to create a product that is not only authentic to the educated eye, but also features an array of modern components. Where possible all parts are sourced from either current production cars or bespoke components frabricated with high grade materials.

The suspension design is in keeping with the original Stratos and features a strut type set up at the rear which is fully adjustable for camber, toe and ride height. The front is a double wishbone arrangement which is adjustable for camber, castor, toe and ride height. The uprights are bespoke components, machined from aircraft grade billet aluminum, anodised for a durable finish. They accept a developed 4-pot caliper and ventilated disc braking system without the need for expensive adaptors.  The calipers are controlled by a high ratio, bias adjustable pedal box which has been designed into the chassis as standard. Authentic coffin spoke wheels can be fitted to the car without any adaptors or IVA concerns.

str chassis black partial fr3qs-web

A considerable amount of time and effort has been invested into the moulds used to produce the cars bodywork. The body work stage has always been one of the stumbling blocks for Stratos replica builders and every effort has been made to produce the ListerBell body to a standard which is acceptable in todays marketplace and is available in pre coloured gel coat panels which do not require painting.

The bodywork is available with the three the recognised wheel arch options built in at mould stage, thus eliminating the need for the customer to spend time with filler and fibreglass to achieve the car of their dreams, plus the added expense of a paint job.

Alongside producing the STR the company will also be offering a range of services to kit builders across the industry including a kit build up service, chassis / suspension design, GRP moulding and production service.